Magicien Professionnel: Jinie BRIGINA Magicienne Professionnelle l’artiste du close up et du quick change, Mentalisme, Sculpture sur ballons. 
pour toutes vos animations et fêtes (mariage, anniversaire, Noël) pour les particuliers, CE et entreprises...


For Jinie-Brigina , curiosity is not a bad default, far from it
this charasteristic trait has drawn her towards the book which has opened the mysteries’ door “ the best one hundred magic tricks” from Ian Abair.

When twenty five , completely puzzled , she decided to follow magic courses at the curiosity and magic in Paris, under the supervision of his manager-Georges Proust
Then the museum became her preferated place where she could enter into marvel.

GP saw the discovery passion shine into her eyes and he suggested her to become a museum guide. So she can empowered her knowledge of magic and she met in a lecture the great and famous. David Copperfield

At her beginnings, she played some movie roles. She met GD, some great directors ( Joao Canijo,for instance, at Cannes festival)
She is fond of travels, so, she ‘s approched the most fabulous magicians ; in Las Vegas,. Lance Burton et Siegfried et Roy !
In Paris she met Jean-Pierre Vallarino, one of the most talented french magicians who trained her to sophisticated methods of close-up.

Both, they created the first and alone magical theatre « magical parenthesis »
The audience appreciated their original creations, mixing close-up prestations , humor and fantasy

Then Jinie becomes a professional. She’s been awarded several times. Her specialitythe quick change. In one of her show Magic Marilyn, and close-up ,she makes Marilyn Monroe come back to the audience’s eyes. Charming and astonishing.

She’s been performing in international and prestigious congresses or tv programs (in France, Patrick.Sebastien. of “le plus grand cabaret du monde” the first woman magician –close-up at the last new year’s eve in 2011) ; in Japan at Nagoya and so on)

Her growing knowledge has not removed her kindness nor sincerity. Her passion is to affect and to fill with wonder her fans.

A bewitched spell, an extreme elegance, magnetic lure : Jinie-Brigina is woman magician a multi talent.